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Ready in 8 Weeks ($5.00 to $6.60 per Bottle)

Wine Name Description Oak Body Sweetness RJS Craft Winemaking Brand
Chilean Merlot This full-bodied wine is fermented on Genuwine Winery Dried Grape Skins and heavy toasted French oak shavings. It offers elevated succulent juicy berry flavours accentuated by delicate aroma notes of coffee and vanilla. 4 4 0 En Primeur
Chilean Merlot This Merlot features a rich aromatic bouquet of fresh red cherries, toasted oak, and herbs. It is mediumto-full-bodied with expressive flavours of dark ripe plums, berries, and silky tannins. 3 3 0 Winery Series
French Merlot This Merlot is a full-bodied red wine with impressive aromas of farm fresh strawberries, violets, and vanilla framed with soft silky tannins. On the palate, it presents powerful notes of ripe raspberries, cherries, and dark fruit. 3  3-4 0 Cru Select
Merlot This supple wine has a soft, full flavour, delicately laced with oak to enhance its characteristic fruitiness. 3 3 0 Cellar Classic


Ready in 4 Weeks ($3.90 to $4.35 per Bottle)

Wine Name Description Oak Body Sweetness RJS Craft Winemaking Brand
Washington Merlot This deep intense wine exhibits classic flavours of cassis and chocolate. Dark and rich with complex notes of blackberries, the GenuWine Winery Dried Grape Skins bring velvety tannins, enhancing the stature of this crimson wine. 3 3-4 0 Grand Cru Int.
Merlot A smooth, rich wine, medium dark in colour, with notes of blackberry and currants. A hint of green olive in the bouquet will pleasantly surprise you. 4 4 0 Grand Cru
Sangiovese Merlot Aggressive in nature, it is crisp, clean, and spicy with a subtle black pepper flavour. A perfect match with Italian food. 2 3 0 Grand Cru
Merlot A soft, medium-bodied and generously fruity dry red wine. Delicately laced with oak 1 3 0 Vino del Vida
Merlot 3 3 0 Heritage Estates

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