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Ein Stein Wine House was established as a family owned business in 1992.

Since then, we have been proudly satisfying the needs of Winemakers from Oakville and the surrounding communities.

The owner, Vlad, has been with Ein Stein Wine House since its inception.  Vlad grew up in a small town in Europe where his family owned a vineyard.  He was part of wine making since his early adolescence. When Vlad moved to Canada, he continued his passion for wine making at Ein Stein Wine House.

The staff of Ein Stein Wine House is knowledgeable and passionate about serving you the best quality wine.  In addition to superb quality, you will find that wine making at Ein Stein Wine House is affordable, fun, and tailored to your unique needs and tastes.

We are Affordable

At Ein Stein Wine House, you can pick from a wide selection of wines to make your own, and pay a fraction of cost you pay at a retail store.  Our bottles of wine range from $3.50 to $6.80, when you buy an order of 31 750ml bottles.

Did you know when you buy a bottle of wine at the LCBO that up to 70% of your purchase price goes to various taxes and levies?  When you make wine at Ein Stein Wine House, you participate in certain aspects of the winemaking process: yeasting, bottling, capping, and labelling to name a few (no experience necessary) and you avoid the massive taxes and mark up you’d pay at LCBO.

Experience is Fun and Social

You can come to the facility anytime and see how your wine is made.  You can try it as you let your wine age and see how the taste develops. Bring your friends and family to assist in the bottling process and order wine for your special events.   Include your friends and family in personalizing your wine bottles!

Our Wines are Customized to Your Needs and Preferences

We use 1/3 the levels of preservatives and sulphites used in commercially purchased wines. We can also customize these levels to your liking and further reduce the levels of preservatives and sulphites.  If you suffer from sulphite allergies, this may be an added benefit for you.

We can also add custom ingredients for added flavour and adjust alcohol levels.
We offer customized labeling and we can make your wine bottles unique and personalized for your special events.

This is what custom wine making is all about!  Having you take part in the wine making process so that you have the wine that is tailored to your needs.


Satisfaction is guaranteed! If you are not satisfied, we will give you a different wine or reimburse you.


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